About Us

Wihtwara Events was formed by two life long friends, Jackman and Jimi and Jackmans partner Fiona.

They found there was no where for the Isle of Wight Alternatives to have a night out where they could listen to the music they wanted to that wasn't mainstream pop.

They all love their rock and metal music and decided to create Wihtwara Events to let others enjoy alternative nights.

Wihtwara Events runs events and parties all over the Isle of Wight.




What is Wihtwara?

Wihtwara was the kingdom founded on the Isle of Wight during the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain. The name was derived from the Jutish name Wihtwara ("Men of Wiht"). Its capital was a fort named Wihtwarasburgh. It has been suggested that the modern-day village of Carisbrooke was built on top of Wihtwarasburgh.

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